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Fast vegan brownie

I have noticed that when I get sad, I don’t want to use any social sites. It’s completely logic because when I am sad, it gets really difficult to do something or even feel good about what I am doing. Autumn sadness gets to quite a lot of people, so I say, let’s get it together and make something so we would feel better. For example – make a pie.

fast vegan brownie

I avoided sweets for quite a long time because I was afraid that I will gain weight that I lost when I started eating vegan dishes. I can also say that it’s hard to find some vegan sweets. So I decided to don’t eat sweets at all. But one day I decided that it won’t be a disaster if I will bake a pie. I instantly said – it is by far the best dessert that I have ever made. Everything about it was perfect.

fast vegan brownie

A lot of people imagine that vegan sweets are healthier than usual, but I want to accentuate that most of the time it isn’t the truth. This fast vegan brownie has a lot of sugar and oil. It is healthier just as much healthy is to not eat milk products and eggs. Here I changed egg with avocado, butter – coconut oil and cream/milk – coconut milk. It tastes heavenly and u wouldn’t even think that there aren’t any products that are used for usual pies.

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Crispy chocolate candies

Crispy chocolate candies are really crispy but not too sweet. It fills your stomach instantly – after two pieces you will feel full. You don’t even need to drink tea or some other drink because candy is not dry. As soon as you touch them, you will feel how coconut oil is melting on your fingers. The heavenly taste will make you crazy about these candies, believe me!

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